Voter Service

On August 8 met with Sue Lyons at the EMPL. Flyers now posted at the library computer stations with instructions on how to register to vote online. Sue also posted it on the library website:

Sept. 10, 11 (day depends on weather): Jazz Festival.

Sept. 27: National Voter Registration Day, NCC. The technical support department will loan us a couple of laptops/tablets to use for online registration. Volunteers are signed up.

Sept. 28: Mrs. Bush’s Personal Care Home; absentee ballot applications.

Oct. 2: Selma will be showing at EMPL. We will have a table.

Rose Ann and I are working with Andi McClanahan at ESU to get the students who submitted the papers for their class last semester involved in improving voter registration and turnout in Monroe County.

We have ordered business style cards that we can hand out with voter information available on

Candidates Forum, Sept. 24, 2016

Agreements and biographical information was received from the candidates. Paula Dozier completed a program draft . Draft press release prepared, with Linda Zak. It will be submitted two weeks prior to he forum. Marty Davey prepared the flyer. Martha Carbone will purchase a timer and act as the timekeeper. Kathy Boyle has agreed to be the moderator. Volunteers are signed up.

Final questions for candidates:

1. Pertaining to redistricting - There is growing bipartisan effort to create a citizens commission as a part of the process. Do you support this effort and if so, what strategies would you suggest to implement it effectively?

2. There have been several bills within the legislature dealing with pension reform. What is your position on rectifying the shortfall in the state pension fund and how urgent is this reform as it relates to the state budget?

Judy Fiske

Chair of Voter Service