Election Board

August 3, 2016: Polling place changes: Pocono 2 and 4 are moving back to Our Lady of Victory church. A Starbucks will be opening at Dansbury Commons; East Stroudsburg 1 and 2 will stay there, but the entrance will likely change. There is still no decision on the Supreme Court retirement age ballot question. Sara had some percent turnout numbers for recent primaries: 2008 - 26%; 2012 - 15%; 2016 - 31%. Moyer had a query for Sara regarding the number of registered voters as a percent of the total population; he wanted to know how Monroe compares to other counties in PA. Sara also informed they have worked on 200 online applications.

September 7, 2016: There was discussion about the Smithfield Township request to place a referendum on their ballot for levying a tax to repay a 2 million dollar bond over 20 years. The proceeds will be used to pay for land rights, conservation easements, preservation of forest and waterways. Solicitor Dunn said the language needed tightening, but otherwise it met the requirements. Ellen Lott attended representing the Nature Conservancy and spoke in favor of the referendum.

The Board passed the amended referendum, subject to it satisfying the board solicitor. It will cost each taxpayer $2.40 per month. Ballots will go to the printer when Sara receives certification from the Dept. of State. A Stroudsburg polling place will be moved from the assessment office to the mapping room, in the same building that it is in now. Letters will be sent to the voters, and also letters will be sent regarding Pocono 2 and 4 relocating to Our Lady of Victory Church.

The statewide referendum regarding increasing the retirement age of judges from 70 to 75 is still in litigation.

The Department of State will be mailing letters to unregistered voters statewide, with 41,000 going out to Monroe County eligible residents, giving them information on registering to vote. There is an organization named Voter Participation Group which is also mailing letters to anyone eligible to vote but not registered. It is estimated that 5 - 13% respond. Her office has been responding to many phone inquiries.

Anne Tiracchia
Chair, Election Board