LWVMC 2016 Annual Dinner Honoree

Robin Mastrocola was honored at our annual dinner on June 22, 2016 to commemorate her 60 years of membership in the League. Paula Dozier provided a brief history of her extensive service. She was also recognized by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives with a citation sponsored by Representatives, Rosemary Brown, David Parker and Jack Rader, Jr.

Robin sent the following letter of appreciation to president, Barbara Keiser dated July 9, 2016:

Dear Barbara:

My sincere and grateful thanks to all of you who acknowledged with a lovely tribute my 60 years of active membership in the League of Women Voters.

Members who attended the annual dinner on June 22 know I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers in blending shades of red and an impressive citation sponsored by Representatives Rosemary Brown, David Parker, and Jack Rader, Jr. representing Monroe County in our Pennsylvania Legislature. To those members who donated toward the LWV Education Fund in my honor, I am especially appreciative.

I joined the League because I could learn so much about voting and selected governmental issues from an impartial point of view. While I have enthusiastically and devotedly given much to the League, I have received so much more. I came to realize it is great training ground for communicating with elected officials, conducting meetings, learning public speaking and parliamentary procedure, understanding political history and so much more. My closest friends are women I met through the League. They share the same desire with hope, patience and optimism to look to the facts which influence our lives.

Again, many thanks for a great honor I shall always remember.


Robin Mastrocola