The President's Message

Thank you, League Members, for your support, time and devotion to LWVMC! This fall, we are back to basics with our core purpose: voter services. We are helping to recruit voters, registering, answering questions about voting details such as write-ins and absentee ballots. It is great that there are options like online registration and the party representatives pounding the streets, but there is a real feeling of satisfaction after registering voters and taking a stack of completed applications to the county office too. Also voters' services is working on the upcoming forum for candidates for the PA House of Representatives (see details in flyer on page 8) and the Voter’s Guide which will be published as part of the Pocono Record and available online. You might get a call requesting help with typing or proofreading. Note that there was a full page notice of the proposed constitutional amendments in the September 1, 2016 Pocono Record, p. B7.

Democracy is not a fast moving or easy form of government. A case in point is the gerrymandering of Pennsylvania legislative districts. LVWPA is part of a bipartisan redistricting effort which needs to keep moving now, in order to be implemented with the 2020 census. Perhaps our League can help by planning public information sessions in 2017. Look for more information at

Please see details on page 3, and mark your calendars for next year's state League Convention to be held in Monroe County. The dates are June 1-4, 2017. Remember to visit for the positions on statewide issues , the 2017 Convention and voter information.

In League – Barbara Keiser